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Lesley Curtis is an established singer, songwriter and recording artist with eight albums to her name.

With a growing interest in her own spirituality she became a Reiki Master and practitioner in 2002 and exploring further, studied Spiritual Healing. She began seriously meditating for her own well-being and relaxation..

Reflecting her growing interest in combining music, word and spirituality she wrote and released ‘Music Moves Within Me’ and ‘Soul Dreamer’. She released 'Natures Confetti' in 2018.

Through her interest in all things spiritual, she began developing her mediumistic abilities to such an extent that she is now considered an advanced voice for Spirit. Her work involves channeling wisdom, philosophy and perspective from her Circle of Guides.

She is an author of three books of conversations with her Circle of Guides ‘Truth, Love & Possibilities’, ‘A Sunday Supplement’ (volumes one and two). Her first guided meditation album in ‘Serenity’ which was released in 2019.

She is based in Northamptonshire where she lives with her partner and continues to write and perform as individually and as part of the duo ‘Oakleas Rise’

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Lesley has published three books of channeled

inspirations and philosophies plus Serenity a

calming, guided meditation created to

help you relax after a stressful day.

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Areas of Expertise

Guided Meditation & Relaxation, Spirit Talking,
Sound & Voice Healing, Sing Yourself Free Vocal Coaching, Inspirational Speaking, Songwriting,
Performance, Poetry & Prose. 

People of any age can benefit from the relaxation and the space that Lesley creates with her work either on a one to one basis, group sessions or through her books, videos and cd's

Trance Channel Mediumship - Spirit Talking

Throughout history genuine trance mediums with high level channelling abilities have brought forward a considerable amount of valuable information from Spirit, often of great value to mankind. Typically this information has been channelled through the same medium for many years and has been the subject of many books.

Lesley considers the human voice to be an incredibly powerful natural healing instrument whether it be spoken or written as words, stories and poems or sung with song or as sound.


"The sand of time doth blow and each grain of sand moves along in the wind. But all is well. A symphony awaits for with each grain of sand a chime is emerging; a sound, like a bell, rings out. I Am. I Am. I Am"


From the Circle of Guides trance channelled by Lesley Curtis.


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