Spirit & Sound

Spirit Talking 

When a person places themselves into an altered state of consciousness, it is known as Trance Mediumship. With the objective of combining with Spirit and sharing guidance, philosophy, teachings and wisdom to assist in whatever way is needed, it can be a very profound experience. It takes many years of practice and training to be able to work in co-operation with Spirit to deliver healing and inspiration in this way.

Singing, Sound Healing, Relaxation

This is an opportunity to experience a combination of Singing, Sound Healing and Meditation. All you have to do is close your eyes and relax.

Colour Card Inspired Readings

Using her love of colour and the relationship between colour and the main energy chakras Lesley brings forward perspective to motivate and inspire.

A Sunday Supplement

Taken from a series of Trance Channelled conversations with her Circle of Guides and chronicled in three volumes of books, Lesley reads an except from 'Truth, Love & Possibilities.

Cosmic Connection

Lesley combines Spiritual philosophy and imagery to reinforce the message brought forward.


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