Spiritual Dragon Circle

We are told that the truth lies within us and that our journey is about finding the truth of who we are. But how do we do that? How do we live a spiritual life? How do we know who we are?

Working with her team of Spiritual Dragons, a Cosmic force of the Earth and nature,

and with the collaborative energies of the members of this innovative, fun, exciting and healing women only circle, Lesley is creating a safe space to give you the tools to help broaden your sense of connection to all that is. And to help you understand how important your own individual way of channelling Spirit out into the world truly is. We need it now more than ever. 


Lesley will guide you on how to work in trance, channel Spirit and connect with

your Soul. She will use the methods she has taught herself and the ways that Spirit have taught her in the 20 years she has been 'developing' as a trance medium; as a Spirit Talker.

She will include guided meditations, inspired discussions, the use of colour, affirmations and words, energy building exercises, sound, the group energy and the healing process. This will be a liberating environment to explore the possibility of you, the alternative reality that you wish for yourself. By finding out what that is for each of us, as a group we can support each other to feel it and to know it. The world needs this knowing and the Dragons have come to Lesley at this time with the intention to help her create a powerful spiritual community. 

You will be working with Lesley’s ‘Dragon Dream Team’ who will have plenty to say on the matter, no doubt during the series as well as your own Spirit team. And even perhaps your own Dragon! If you already exploring or working with Spirit or even if you are new to this - don't worry -  if you are drawn to this group, it is because you

have an important part to play and you will learn everything you need to know. It is already within you, just waiting to shine. 

This monthly Dragon Circle will be for limited numbers only, using zoom for the moment. The first session will be free but after then it will be by a monthly subscription of £3.50. 

If you need any further information or wish to register for this group please email me at sing@lesleycurtis.co.uk . First date to be announced. WOMEN ONLY.

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